This is a thriller/horror film that takes place in the year of 1906 about the heiress of the Winchester Family Fortune, named Sarah Winchester.  In this time period the Winchester family was the leading producer of fire arms in America.  After the unexpected death of Sarah’s husband, she inherits the Winchester family fortune.  The rest of the board members of the Winchester corporation are questioning the sanity of Sarah after the death of her husband and also questioning her capability of running the billion dollar Winchester corporation.  They hire a psychiatrist named Dr. Eric Price to go to her home and evaluate Sarah’s mental stability and report back to them as soon as possible.  It doesn’t take long after Dr. Price arrives to the mega mansion built by Sarah Winchester, that he begins to see and experience mysterious things around this massive home.  Within a couple of days of his arrival he saves a suicidal child and sees supernatural entities in the house.  He is then told by Sarah Winchester that not only the house extremely haunted but the entire Winchester family has been cursed by the all the innocent souls who have died at the hands of every firearm weapon that her family business has created.  Being a man of science, Dr. Price hasn’t even convinced himself that what he has been seeing is actually real, so believing Sarah’s story is just something he is very reluctant to doing.  As the film progresses Dr. Price becomes very aware the Sarah Winchester is not only far from being crazy but also 100% accurate about everything she has told him.  Overall I give this film an A.  The story of the film is well written and there are no scenes that actually go to waste.  With many thrillers there seems to be many scenes included to take up dead space, this film has none of this.  Every scene of this film gets better and better as the film goes on.  This is actually a perfect film to enjoy at the movie theater and is more than worth the price of a movie ticket.  Thriller/horror films that are well written are usually worth watching at the theater on a weekend because the well written ones are so far in between.  This is one people of all ages can truly appreciate and enjoy.

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