The Way Back

This film is a drama starring A-list actor Ben Affleck about a man who struggles with alcohol addiction. Ben Affleck plays the character of Jack Cunningham, who at one time had an opportunity to be a great basketball player and go very far. Alcohol and a tough childhood led him in the wrong direction which introduced him to his life of alcohol addiction. Jack is currently the coach of a local high school basketball team but his addiction gets in the way of him putting quality time into the team. One day he decides he will try his best to not drink and to really give the kids on the team the focus they deserve. It doesn’t take long before the team completely turns it around and turn a losing season into an opportunity to get into the playoffs. After building a great bond with the high school team players and on the brink of creating something very special with them, his personal life once again leads his life down a path of darkness. Overall I give this film a C. The director did a good job showing the audience that a battle with alcohol addiction is something that maybe a lifetime battle for people who fall on this path. Outside of that there just weren’t many memorable scenes in the film worth speaking about. A decent film to watch on an early afternoon but may not be something fast enough to keep you up in the evening and great for all ages.

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