The Mustang

This film is a drama about a man named Roman Coleman who’s a man convicted of a violent crime many years ago and is currently incarcerated in a maximum security prison.  He is enrolled into anger management and a program where he would work with horses as a method of rehabilitation.  Already incarcerated for 14 years, Roman is struggling to regain a relationship with his estranged daughter.  His violent crime he committed was against his ex girlfriend an her mother, who he left permanently disabled from his violent action.  His daughter was then left alone to care for her mother throughout her entire childhood with no one there to help her. Working with horses has helped him learn more about himself and the anger issues he had to overcome. Roman is trying to convince his daughter that he was young and out of control at that time and is now a different person.   After basically losing her mother, her entire childhood along with her father, it’s not something that will be easy to get her to believe.  Overall I give this film a B.  The writer put together a decent story line for the film but this is a situation where the talent of the main actor and the supporting performers that propel this film.  This is not a great action film or something to see on a Friday or Saturday night but a good film to see from your couch on an early weekend afternoon.

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