This is a Drama/Crime film starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen about a life long con artist named Roy Courtnay.  He has made it his goal to find an old rich widow to court and swindle in hopes of living his life wealthy somewhere on a beach.  While searching for his next victim online he comes across a recently beautiful widowed woman named Betty McLeish.  He reaches out to her and to his surprise she messages him back quickly and they start to chat.  It doesn’t take long before Roy and Betty get together and begin to form a bond.  Betty has been through many struggles in life and is very happy that she has found someone she could potentially spend some quality time with.  Betty’s grandson is very skeptical about this new man in her life and gives warning to both her and Roy about how he feels.   Roy insists he has no bad intentions with Betty, which is a blatant lie. Despite them getting along very well and spending a lot of time with each other he continues his plan to swindle Betty out of her life fortune.  Saying anymore would actually ruin the entire experience of watching this film, which i really enjoyed.  Overall I give this film a B+.  It is  well written and has very experienced performers to help strengthen this well written script.  The first 30 minutes is a bit slow but the last hour plus of this film more than makes up for it.  This is a film that I recommend all adults(16+) to see, but not something very young children may enjoy. Despite not being an action film and a slow start, it’s a film that can be enjoyed anytime of the day and any day of the week.

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