The Curse of La Llorona

This is a horror/thriller film that takes place during the 1970’s.  The plot of this film is that a ghost is terrorizing the people of Los Angeles by killing random children in the middle of the night.  This ghost is of a deceased woman named La Llarona, who was once the most beautiful woman in her town.  The story goes that one day she came home to find her husband in bed with a younger woman.  In a jealous rage she decides to get back at her husband by taking what he loved most, their children.  She drowns each child one by one and after realizing what she had done she takes her own life, but only after cursing the entire town she lived in. Her spirit then lived on to haunt and kill the local children in the area.  The main character of this film is named Ana, and she is involved in a horrible situation where the kids she is looking after are tragically killed.  In the same level of rage, the mother of the dead children curses Ana and wishes the curse and spirit of La Llarona upon Ana and her children, in hope Ana could feel the same pain she has just endured.  From that point Ana and her children lives become a living, haunted nightmare as Ana must seek the help from expert spiritualist in hopes to save the lives of her children.  Overall I give this film a B.  The writer put together a decent script and story line for the actors to work with, which is very difficult in this present time for horror movies.  For the people that easily scare this is an excellent horror movie, that isn’t the same situation for seasoned horror fans.  The story line of a angry woman in nun attire chasing children is one we’ve seen many times before.  That being said, this is still a great movie for people of all ages and can be enjoyable to watch at anytime of day.

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