The Brothers Grimsby

British comedy film about a brothers story finding his long lost brother, separated from him during adoption in their childhood. After getting a tip on his brother’s location he leaves in search of him. The foolish man somehow finds himself in a middle of an assassination attempt of a world renowned AIDS doctor (Penelope Cruz)during a press conference. With some strange luck his long lost brother just happened to be one of the secret service agents hired to protect the doctor. When he lays eye on his brother he goes into an idiotic rage and jumps on his brothers back the same exact moment his brother was trying to shoot the assassins. The bullet is then misdirected and shoots aids patient at conference and blood from patient lands in Harry Potters(Daniel Radcliff) mouth, which then infects Harry Potter. This lays down the story line for the entire film because from that point on both brothers are on the run from the secret service. During the process of clearing their name they bond and recall different silly memories from childhood. At one point the brother with common sense accidentally shoots himself up heroin which leaves him incapacitated and leaves the foolish brother to take on the heroic duties. After reunited with brother they take down would be assassins which turns out to be the same doctor(Penelope Cruz) they were trying to protect during assassination attempt. Overall i give this film a C for actually being able to create a film with a story line so silly. A few funny moments are far in between. Probably a movie that you wouldn’t regret missing.

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