The Boss

This is a comedy about a woman the goes from riches to rags and loses everything. After being released from prison she goes to the only person in her life that can actually tolerate her enough to help her. The main character Michelle runs into her arch enemy early in the movie at a girl scout meeting. They end up having funny encounters throughout the film. After tasting her friends amazingly delicious brownies, she decides that she will make her comeback to success by starting a brownie company. She recruits a large diverse team of girls to sell her brownies. Business starts booming and she forms a wonderful bond with her friend and also business partner. She also forms a bond with her friend’s daughter as well. For the first time in her life she feels the true feelings of love and family. They than getting into an argument, which led her to sell the business behind her friends back. She then realizes not too long afterwards how horrible it was to sell the business and that she really loves her friend and her daughter. She then does everything in her power to make things right for her big screw up and to prove to her friend that she loves her and can trust her again. Overall I give this film a B for keeping the audience entertained throughout the entire duration of the film until the credits come up. That seems to be a very difficult task for many of the films recently released. The story line was clever, especially for a comedy film. If you would like a good laugh, this film would definitely be a decent choice.

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