The Beach Bum

This film is a comedy starring A-list actor Matthew McCanauhey, who plays the role of a drug addicted, alcoholic poet.  The character he plays seems somewhat psychotic from the years of extensive drug abuse.  The story begins with him drunk driving along with his drug addicted wife when an accident occurs and his wife is killed.  His wife being very wealthy and all of the assets in her name, she states in her will that she will freeze all assets to her husband until he is able to clean himself up and create a new novel or poems to publish.  Despite again being arrested afterwards after a drunken tirade one evening and sent to rehab, he manages to escape to continue his life of crime and drug use until he completes his novel. Overall I give this film a C-.  This film has an array of stars from Snoop Dog to Zach Efron that helps carry this film out of level absolute mediocrity.  The writer hit his point of how psychotic people can actually become from very extensive and prolonged years  of drug abuse.  They still put together a film that will get you some laughs, just enough to have you willing to sit and watch until its over; which is what enables it to earn a C grade.   You definitely don’t need to rush to watch this film but it’s something acceptable to see from home if it comes across one of your cable movie channels one day.

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