Spider-man: Far From Home

This is a fantasy sci-fi film that’s one of so many made for this globally successful Marvel super hero character, Spiderman.  None of these current Spiderman films really follow any stories or situation from the previous films made.  Despite having the same actor playing this character for the past few films, every film really brings a new personality and story of the character.  The plot for this film is that a young teenage Peter Parker is struggling with the responsibility of having a very precious item given to him by Tony Stark(Iron Man) before the death of Stark during the Infinity War.  Under pressure of trying to balance his personal and super hero life, he is befriended by a former employee under Tony Stark who now calls himself Mysterio.  Recognizing how fragile Peter’s mind has become from the pressure of being a young super hero, he takes advantage of it and manages to convince Peter to give to him the special item that Tony Stark left in his care.  It doesn’t take too long before Peter figures out that he’s been fooled and has made a very big mistake.  He must then retrieve the item and save the city from this super villan psychopath named Mysterio.  Overall I give this film a C-.  The writer seem to have missed the mark on this film.  It seemed very boring and dragged out in many different moments of the film, simply too many useless scenes.  The character of Mysterio seemed to be very bland and boring, simply not enough to carry the excitement to the end of the film.  By the time the film is over, it seemed somewhat relieving that I was able to get up and leave.  Great film for kids, maybe a disappointment for regular Marvel movie watchers.  One I recommend to wait for a cable release to see.

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