Red Sparrow

This is a mystery/thriller film starring A-list actress Jennifer Lawrence who plays the role of a Russian ballerina named Dominka Egorova. After suffering an injury that forces her to find a way to make a living outside of dancing after spending her entire lifetime dedicated to it, she is forced to find a new line of work.  While working a dangerous job she witnesses a murder of a government official; Dominika and her poor mother’s chance of survival falls into deeper peril. She then gets an offer from her uncle that herself and her mother will be protected and compensated if she begins training in a special school called Sparrow.  What she doesn’t realize is that this is a school that teaches people to use their special talents and beauty to learn the power of seduction and to use it as a weapon to extract information or even kill high powered officials from other countries. Dominika’s special talents of seeing through people, fierce energy and beauty makes her quickly adapt and become one of the best agents the school has created.  She is soon sent on a mission to make contact with an American CIA Agent named Nathaniel Nash.  Her job is to seduce, make love to him and get him to share American government secrets to her and any other information she can get.  She indiscreetly tips Nathaniel of who she really is which proceeds with Nathaniel asking his superiors if he can try to extract information from her as well.  This then begins the game of cat and mouse between these two government secret agents. Overall i give this film a B.  Despite this being a slow pace film, the writer did a good enough job to allow the audience to remained focused and at the edge of their seat for a good portion of the film.   This is a long film and is considered more of a great early afternoon film to see at a movie theater. There is just not enough action to carry the length of this film to really enjoy watching at night after being up all long day.  This is still a film I recommend adults should make some time to see.

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