Pet Sematary

This film is a remake of the very popular and successful original Pet Sematary written by the king of horror, Stephen King, released in 1983.  This film basically follows the same story line of the original film with more current special effects than the original.  The basic plot of the film is a family that chooses to move away to a small town in hopes of being able to spend more time with each other.  From the time they arrive to this new town the foreshadowing of the problems that will arise quickly show themselves.  On their very large property lies a cemetery where people go to bury loved pets who have passed away.  Beyond that cemetery lies an ancient Indian burial ground that is said to have soil that contains energy or demons from another world.  The original Indians who lived there many years ago fled the area and left warning signs for any people who discover this land.  Many years passing by has turned their stories and warnings into folk tales perceived as childhood stories.  When tragedy strikes their pet cat, a local person familiar with the area offers the father a special place to bury this animal, without giving him much reason why.  After burying the deceased animal the next day he chooses to tell his daughter that he could not recover her beloved cat rather then telling her of its demise. She then informs him that the cat not only appeared in her window last night but is alive and well in the home.  When he inspects that cat, he is shocked to see the animal he just buried the previous night in the ground alive as if nothing has ever happened.  From that point the snowball begins its decent down the mountain and logical decision making, tragedy and reality go down along with it as well.  The producers of this film really had an easy time creating this remake with a genius horror script there at their disposal.  Overall I give him an A.  Its simply a great script.  Nothing else really wowed me for to speak of, its just a great movie. With the scarcity of great horror films, this is one I recommend all people who have seen the original or not, to make the time to see.

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