My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

This film is the continuation of the first film My Big Fat Greek Wedding. With the success of the first film, a second one has now been released. The film is about a Greek family dealing with issues relatable to families of all different cultures. It has a great comedic twist which make this movie enjoyable for people of all ages. A teenage daughter dealing with teenage issues, a family very proud of their Greek cultures and traditions. Plot for the wedding comes down to grandfather of the family discovering that his marriage certificate from 50 years ago was never signed, which in turn makes the marriage to his wife invalid. When the entire family learn of this, they then plan to have a big (Greek) wedding. The other family members are also going through different dilemmas which are again, relatable to just about any married couple watching this film. The extreme warmth and closeness of this family makes this film even more fun and interesting to watch. Overall I give this film a B+ for never having a dull moment and for also showing the wonderful power of love and family. Definitely a film that you should make time to see.

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