Midnight Special

This is a science fiction film about a young boy with special powers. The boy and his father are on the run from the US government because of this boy’s special abilities. The FBI goes as far as questioning everyone in the boy’s life in order to find a way to get him. Calling this movie bad would really be a compliment. A few glimpses of powers and watching the boy’s eyes glowing blue every so often is nowhere near enough to make up for the absolute boredom that make up the rest of the film. The endlessly boring scenes of the FBI agent staring at numbers on a blackboard and claiming how amazing this child is from looking at these numbers on the board make this movie almost unwatchable. I’m actually shocked that a group of people actually agreed to release this film to nationwide movie theaters. Overall I give this movie a D- for lasting almost an hour before I seen the first couple walk out of the movie. This film really deserves an F. Don’t even think about torturing yourself through this movie.

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