Meet The Blacks

A comedy about a family that goes from rags to riches and relocate move from the tough streets of Chicago to ritzy Beverly Hills suburbs. A parody of the movie “The Purge”. The family learns that there will be a time period where killing everyone is legal, something they never expected would be possible now living in Beverly Hills. So the family must now find a way to survive during this 12 hour time period of absolute chaos. There are a fair amount of funny scenes throughout the film, mostly because of the very talented comedian Mike Epps. The story line is nothing to be excited about, but most of these parody comedy films usually lack in this category. Guest appearances from a few celebrities and the skilled comedian Mike Epps is not nearly enough to make up for the horrible story line and equally bad & cheesy punchlines. Overall I give this film C-. I would suggest waiting to watch this film in the comfort of your own home when it’s released on cable or Redbox. Not worth the price of a movie ticket.

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