This fantasy/action film is the sequel to the globally successful original movie starring A-list actors Dwayne “The Roc” Johnson, Kevin Hart and Danny DeVito. Comedian Jack Black and Karen Gillan make up the rest of the cast. The plot of the movie is that this group of colleagues are sucked into a mystical video game that puts them into another magical world. When they enter this world they are no longer themselves and each of them are assigned a certain character in the game. It makes for a lot of laughs considering each character they are assigned to is completely different from who they actually are in real life. They must find a way to complete this game and save Jumanji while doing their best to stay alive. They are each granted 3 lives on this quest to save Jumanji. If they are killed more than three times then they are forever stuck in the game and can never return to regular reality again. Overall I give this film a B- This film is exactly the same as the previous, with not many changes. This doesn’t take away from the fact that the film has many funny moments. The performers are very talented and visibly enjoyed making this film which really helped increase the quality of this picture. They all die different ways from the previous film and the quest is slightly different from before, but don’t expect to get much change if you’re a die hard fan of the original movie. It is a film you can definitely enjoy watching with the family on a weekend evening, so waiting for a cable release wouldn’t hurt.  The film does move at a good enough pace to watch at anytime of the day and great for adults and children over 1o years of age.

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