This sci-fi/fantasy film is the remake of the globally successful Japanese film, Godzilla, first released in the 1950’s.  This film has become a classic around the world and has already been recreated numerous times in the past.  This film is just one of a long line of successors for this film franchise.  The plot of this technologically updated version is that the world is once again in danger when a small group of people decide that mankind is a curse to the earth and they must be eliminated.  Their plan to do this is re awaken these once mythical creatures who are now stuck frozen beneath the earth after roaming and ruling the earth millions of years ago.  They decided to use every monster from the different original Godzilla movies all in one film, which was never done in the past.  I guess producers felt that one enemy would not be enough to carry the film to the end.  They decide to have Godzilla team with one of the other monsters to fight the rest, with the fate of the world in the balance.  Overall I give this film a C-.  The story line for this updated film is horrible, even hard t.  The CGI was also disappointing.   I was expecting much more from a film made in this day and age.  It seems that the restriction the actors in the past had in wearing a 250+ pound Godzilla costume made the movement slower but more realistic than this updated version.  The final 10 minutes had decent computer graphics but not enough to make up for the rest of the film.  The fighting scenes between the monsters were very brief and as underwhelming as the acting in this movie.  Between the horrible script, bad one liners and completely unrealistic scenes from cockpit of stealth bombers, there is about an hour portion of this film that is almost laughable.  The writers basically took the characters from the original film and made their own story and that turned out to be a very bad idea.  Maybe people who has never seen the original version can get an hour of enjoyment from this film, but I feel they  completely destroyed an opportunity to impress with the new CGI technology at their disposal.  A film great for all ages but one that can definitely wait for a cable release.


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