Fast & The Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

This action/fantasy film is a branch of the billion dollar film franchise, The Fast and The Furious.  These films are very well known and have come a very long way from the original version released, which is more focused on cars and racing.  The films have evolved to more of a fantasy, action and crime fighting type of story line.  This film actually doesn’t include any of the original cast members from the first and original Fast and the Furious film released.  This film is starring A-list actor and former pro wrestler Dwayne Johnson, who is also known as The Roc, A-list action star Jason Stathom and also A-list actor Edris Elba to increase the star power of the film.  These two characters of Hobbs & Shaw(Roc, Stathom) were included in the third to fifth movie of the franchise.  It seems these two actors who played these characters did a good enough performance to get them noticed enough to have their own film made, and this film is pure action from beginning to end.  The writer put together a decent story line about the world being in grave peril because of a dangerous man made virus, just to keep the world ending spice flavor looming in the film from beginning to end.  Overall I give the film a B.  The film achieved its goal, which is to have action from beginning to end, no matter how unrealistic it looks. The story line isn’t anything we haven’t seen three of four times before but people aren’t coming to see this film to see an amazingly written story.  People coming to see this film aren’t expecting anything less than amazing feats of bravery and borderline stupidity in every scene, this film supplies that thirst.  A great movie to watch at any time of the day and great for all ages as well.

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