Eye In The Sky

This is a film about morals and the difficult decisions the members of the armed forces face when confronted with situations to protect innocent people from terrorism around the world. The situation basically boils down to the British armed forces locating a very dangerous bomb maker, who is arming fellow terrorists with ammo and intentions of taking lives with suicide bomb attacks. British forces have the capability to strike with missiles and destroy the targets while they are arming up. They run into a situation where a very young child is located in the same location as the targets they would like to eliminate. One of the targets being an American citizen makes matters even more complicated. It basically leaves British forces and government in a very tough moral dilemma. Overall I give this film an A-. This is a film with very powerful scenes than can forever change a person’s perception of what war really is. A film that will not only make you think about who you are but also what would be the limit or extent you would reach to in order to save a life. A film that will stay in your mind and keep you thinking long after you have left the theater. A film I would definitely recommend people of all ages to see.

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