Divergent: Allegiant

A continuation of the somewhat successful Divergent movie series. After the first two movies were dedicated to the overthrow of evil powers, the current film deals with issues of different factions fighting for power once the evil leaders are already overthrown. In hope of finding a new world, a small group of people defy rules and travel beyond the city walls. Their short but deadly journey leads them to a futuristic world beyond their imaginations. Upon arrival they are shocked to learn that their entire city and their life itself has been not only an experiment, but also watched on t.v. by all of the people in this futuristic society. They are told that their DNA holds the key to save humanity. OF COURSE situations take a turn for the worst and learn that this futuristic society is actually hunting down other humans around the world including people from the city they have escaped from. They most importantly learn that leaders in this new world are behind the fighting and violence going on in the city they have come from and once called home. Overall I give this film a C-. Despite the redundant story line seen many times before, the writer of the film did manage to make the film somewhat watchable until the credits come up. Nothing else positive or memorable to hold onto outside of not having to walk out of the movie before it ends. There may be better options out there if you’re on the fence about watching this film.

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