This film is a thriller/horror film that takes place in the state of Florida during a category 5 hurricane.  After most of the state has been evacuated, the authorities have warned stragglers to not go back or stay behind because help will not be available if needed.  The main character is a young woman who is very concerned about the whereabouts of her father during this storm.  She’s been trying to reach him for hours by phone and hasn’t been able to.  Being aware that her father is the type that is so attached to his home that he would be crazy enough to stay behind with it, she makes a dangerous decision to go back into the storm in search of him.  When she arrives at the home she finds it completely battered by the storm and her father very injured and unconscious in the basement of the house.  While attempting to pull the dead weight of her father to safety out of the basement, things take a serious turn for the worst when water from the local river starts to flood the home.  Her situation then turns dire when she realizes that the local river is home to the most dangerous flock of alligators in the state.  These alligators begin taking advantage of the 5-6 feet flood waters covering the entire town and begin feasting on any person who’s been left behind.  She must now find a way to not only save her father but also keeping them alive at the hands of these vicious predators, alligators that the movie producer show are actually killing for sport and no longer for food.  Overall I give this film a B.  The film will definitely not win any awards but it dots all the I’s and crosses all the t’s to what a decent thriller horror film is supposed to offer; which is a good amount of gore and suspense. Despite many unrealistic situations in the film and it being 10 minutes too long, any movie watcher should be somewhat satisfied after seeing it.  Its a great film to see at any time of the day and a good for all ages above 13.

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