Brad’s Status

This film is a drama about a man named Brad Sloan who is played by A-list actor Ben Stiller about a man who lives a life of an average everyday family man struggling with his own identity. He has a beautiful wife, a child who has scheduled interviews to attend Harvard University and also lives in a beautiful home in the suburbs of California. Unfortunately Brad is very insecure about himself and his life. He constantly compares his life to his friends from high school and college. He feels that they are all living very successful, wonderful and exciting lives and feels his own life is boring and unsuccessful. During a three day trip visiting Harvard with his son in Boston while they wait for his son’s administration appointment, he begins to learn more about himself and do things he hasn’t done in years. Overall I give this film an A. The writer and actor do an amazing job portraying what actually goes through the mind of an man struggling with his own identity during mid-life. Every scene is this movie is meaningful which is rare for many movies released on big screens. The Oscar worthy performance from Ben Stiller makes this movie not only worth the price of a movie ticket but also good enough to make claims as one of the best films of the year. This is a film I recommend people of all ages to make time to see.

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