Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs Superman is one of the newest arrivals to the big screens coming from DC Comics. There will be many movies to come in the future judging how the writers actually put this film together. There’s a lot more dialogue than actual big action fighting scenes. Putting the story together about how these two super heroes paths meet seem to be very time consuming. The build up for the big battle between them actually loses a lot of steam by the time it actually happens. Back and forth chatter about nothing and needless scenes may have been put in to fill the One hour and Forty Five minute average mark. So, me and many other big marvel and action fans should check some of their expectation at the door when they enter the theater. Expect to hear a fairly large amount of dialogue without much action. Despite everything I’ve just mentioned, the actual 10-14 minutes of action makes sitting through the movie all the worth it, and does more than enough to salvage a very average film. It seems that now film makers are creating scenes and dialogue with the intent of setting up the next film in the series. I feel these are the reason that many of these movies lack the action we all are looking for. They can’t give us everything at once! What about the sequel? lol Between dying heroes and the appearance of Wonder Woman has earned this film a B- .Which is a generous grade thanks to the final 15 minutes of the film. Any fan of the older movies or comics of either Batman or Superman should definitely find time to see this flick.

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