Avengers: Endgame

This film is the sequel to the sequel to the worldwide blockbuster Marvel comic turned movie, Avengers.  The writers of this film simply had to use the brilliantly written Marvel comic story line as a guide when creating the script for this movie, which they did a somewhat good job staying true to.  The film industry is controlled by popularity and how many people they can get to purchase tickets and fill the seats.  This being a factor is what alters the story line from the original comic.  The writers had to include all of the characters from the recently released and very successful marvel films to get all of those fans in these seats as well.  The story of this film continues from the previous, where many of the super heroes, humans on Earth and across the universe were killed by Thanos(villain) in the war.  The remaining heroes are now trying to find a way to pick up the leftover pieces from that war and find a way to make things right again.  After feeling hopeless for years, the chance to fix things appears when an idea comes up to go back in time to retrieve the power Thanos used to eliminate half the universe, return to the present time and use that power to bring back the deceased humans and superheroes across the universe.  Overall I give this film a B+.  It get this grade because of a great story line, script and the fact that the film is over 3 hours long from the time you sit in the theater until the credits come up. The time goes by quickly to the point you don’t realize it until you’ve left the theater.  It means that the writers and producers cleverly put the scenes of this film together to where there is never a truly dull moment.   Being able to keep the audience entertained for that period of time is an achievement within itself.  Overall this a great film to enjoy in both day and night and great for people of all ages to see.

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