American Made

This is a crime/documentary film starring A-list actor Tom Cruise about a TWA Pilot named Barry Seal. While living a regular life and working a job as a pilot, Barry Seal is approached and offered a job flying small charter planes making deliveries for the CIA. His job is specifically to fly to other countries and deliver money to high powered leaders that are supplying the U.S. intelligence on their war in South America. After word gets around of the good work he’s doing, he is soon approached by soon to be drug cartel leader Pablo Escabor. Barry is offered work to flying cocaine from South America back into the U.S. Barry realizes that this is finally the opportunity he’s been waiting for to change his life financially and quickly accepts the job. In almost no time they are loading up a small charter plane full of cocaine and he begins to fly drugs into the U.S. while working for the CIA at the same time. After finding himself in trouble with the law he is bailed out by the U.S. government despite them knowing he has been bringing drugs into the U.S. The at the time President Reagan has boosted his efforts in the war against the communist in South America and desperately needs a way to supply arms to the Contra soldiers, Barry is needed once again. From transporting drugs, guns, money and even people, Barry’s life changed forever overnight the day he agreed to leave his TWA pilot job for fly for the CIA, it’s truly an amazing story. Overall I give this film a B+. The writer created a very action packed film, every scene is more exciting than the other. It was still missing a certain bonding aspect with the character simply because there was so much information that had to be put into a two hour film, which keeps it out of the great movie category. This is definitely a film that you won’t regret spending money on at the movies and one I recommend people off all ages to see.

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