This fantasy film is a remake of the blockbuster animation Aladdin, released in 1992.  This remake was created with the use of real characters and CGI.  Starring A-list actor Will Smith only helps to increase the draw power of this already highly marketed film.  This new film follows the story line of the original animation nearly to a tee.  It begins with a young princess of Agrabah desperately looking for a way to be free of this life that she’s been born into.  One day she runs into a young street thief named Aladdin and they form an instant connection.  When she is called away from their brief encounter, they can’t seem to stop thinking about each other.  Only being a poor street dweller, Aladdin needs to find a way to make himself noticeable to the princess once again.  That opportunity comes when he is approached by a man who offers him riches beyond his imagination if he is able to complete a certain task. Desperate, he embarks on a dangerous mission to retrieve a magic lamp from a cave with the help of his fellow monkey.  When he retrieves the lamp and rubs it, a magical Genie comes out of the lamp.  This Genie, played by Will Smith,  with tremendous power informs him that he will be able to grant him any three wishes he desires.  At that point Aladdin sees an opportunity to finally get the chance and status to get the princess he so desires for, an opportunity to see who he really is.  During his quest he gains friendship with the Genie while learning life lessons along the way.  Overall I give this film a B.  The writer and producers really had to make minor adjustments from the original story of animation to make this work.  Many people around already seeing the original film takes away from a lot of the suspense situations in the story.  Still a great movie for young children who haven’t had the opportunity to see the original, but one the original movie seers wouldn’t lose much if they waited to watch it in the comfort of their own home.

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