50 Shades Freed

This is film is the third of this globally successful novel turned film franchise.  The story continues with the same characters from the previous films, which is billionaire Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan and Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson.  The success of the two previous films have allowed to this third film to be created to give the millions of fans around the world what they want, while maximizing on profits as well.  There is not that much of a story line to really explain for this film.  There are a few memorable scenes, one of which is Anastasia keeping a woman in line with the way she interacts with her husband Christian.  Another car scene where the couple are told they were being followed and it leads to Anastasia having to put their lives in extreme danger in order to get away.  Considering Christian is a billionaire that has armed bodyguards following him at all times, it made the scene very unrealistic even for people with the biggest imagination.  The scene ending with sex in a car so small that it can barely fit a full a grown man and seconds after a near death car accident made the scene even more disappointing.  The previous films had an explosion of sexual energy in the love scenes which was more than enough to carry any flaws in the story of the previous films to the finish line.  The first sexual encounter between Christian and Anastasia was running on fumes from early in the film.  Having a cheesy story line of a fired ex boss coming to kill Anastasia as the major climax of the film in the last 10 minutes was down right insulting to the audience.  To see such a powerful film with a cult like following fan base put out something of this nature into theaters is a feeling that would be similar to learning your favorite athlete in the peak of their career chose to stop training after waking up one day, play horrible, having already decided the people should love them just for watching anyway;  This film was that disappointing.  Overall i give this film a C-.  Despite this film being this bad, sadly, I’ve seen worse.  If you’re a die hard fan 50 Shades, you may want to see this.  All other people should definitely wait for a cable release to watch this film, it’s just not worth the price of a movie ticket.

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