Starring Sylvester Stallone, This Rambo film is a one of a many in this very successful American Movie Classic. As the film opens, Rambo is living a tranquil life on his ranch in Arizona, where he now spends his time training horses, doting upon his adopted family, Maria and her college-age granddaughter Gabrielle, sitting on the porch in his rocking chair, perhaps contemplating how his actions in “Rambo III” might have helped lead to the formation of the Taliban. Okay, maybe it isn’t entirely tranquil—he is taking tons of pills to combat PTSD, he has an elaborate underground tunnel system that he has dug out beneath his house and he confesses to Gabrielle at one point that, in regards to his inner rage, “I’m just trying to keep a lid on it.” Having tracked down her long-lost father to Mexico, Gabrielle wants to go down to see him and understand why he left years earlier. Rambo tries to warn her that it may be dangerous, but she decided that it’s a risk that she’s willing to take. Not long after she crosses the border, she is kidnapped and drugged by a sex-trafficking ring headed by A Mexican drug cartel. Rambo gets word of her abduction and travels to Mexico to find her. In order to save her he must unleash the inner killer in himself that he’s fought so hard to keep under control, and that doesn’t bode well for the people he’s looking for. Overall I give this film a C+. This film won’t win any Oscar awards, doesn’t have the best story line,  but any realistic movie goer and fan of Rambo franchise should not be expecting this when they walk into the movie theater. Sequels of hit movies usually never live up the original versions and this film is another clear proof of this. What I expected from this film, is exactly what i seen. This isn’t one you have to rush to the theater to see, but one all Rambo fans will get some enjoyment watching regardless of how oddly, obviously, and noticeably short this film actually is. The violence in this film puts more for an adult or mature audience.  This is a  film you can enjoy at any time or day of the week without fear of boredom or falling asleep, which i have noticed is a trend with many current action films released in current times.

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