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Age of Women Empowerment
empowering-womenThe time of Women Empowerment is upon us.

Women now have the most tremendous influence in new business and leadership around the world.

From executive and political leaders to entrepreneurs such as coaches and motivational speakers.

ACC News Inc. will also feature stories and experiences of some of the most influential and inspiring women around the world who are the life force of this historical movement!

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Press Release for ASR Coaching & Training

Interview with Andrea Strom-Rancourt, Founder of ASR Coaching & Training: WEDNESDAY JUNE 8, 2016 at NOON (12:00 p.m.) EDT, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Contact: Andrea Strom-Rancourt

Phone: (1) 450-466-6542 or cell phone: (1) 514-692-6542





Contact: ACC Global News Radio, 1-888-725-0554 (Talk Radio)

ACC Global News Spotlights Ms. Andrea Strom-Rancourt on Empowered Women, Executive Coaching, and Wellness in the Workplace & at Home  

Quebec, CA- With worldwide economic impacts, we’re finding an increase of longer arduous work put in by both men and women, namely women. In this day and age, it’s difficult to maintain a work-life balance than in years previously observed. Enter Andrea Strom Rancourt’s coaching method, a holistic method to assist executives and their employees with preventing “burnout” and engenders work efficiency therein creating a “better return of investment”.

Andrea Rancourt received her B.A. from California’s Berkley University, and received her Master’s degree in Adult Education in 2008. She is also a certified coach, who also holds certification with Myer Briggs personality type assessment, and Interqual assessment facilitator certification. She offers both corporate coaching and individual coaching, in English and French and helps to bridge that proverbial gap in communication with both employees and upper management.

In corporate training, clients learn stress management through a meditative and wellness approach, as well as time management. Executives learn performance management, receive diversity training, and learn how to increase respect in the work place. Andrea states “It’s very beneficial for their professional life, and then they see the benefits in their personal life, they can bring it home with them”. Andrea describes herself as being “committed to lifelong learning”, and engenders the same within her clients. To drive home the importance thereof, Andrea has created a CD for which her clients can take home with them; a meditative “relaxing technique”, to assist them in all aspects of their daily lives as she states “The training just doesn’t stay in the training room, but that there’s follow up at home”.

Andrea takes pride along with her clients, to be “fully committed and fully present” in their work. The aforementioned character extends to her community service with work with Breast Cancer Action Montreal, which educates women about reducing the risk of breast cancer as her mother is a breast cancer survivor, and volunteers to feed the hungry once a week.

Andrea states she is most proud of the life she’s created with her family and how she positively affects people’s lives. Andrea seeks to inspire women with her journey of being a hard working mother accomplishing her dream of getting her master’s degree. “I think a lot of women would find that a huge source of inspiration for themselves”.

ACC Global News will feature Andrea Rancourt in an interview on Wednesday June 8th, 2016 at 12pm, EST.

For more information on ASR Coaching visit WWW.ASRCOACHING.COM