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This is a fantasy/science fiction film which is one of many for this billion dollar globally successful film Franchise.  J.J. Abrams swooped back in to make sure the “mission” of this franchise was for something. And you can feel that weight of history and obligation, especially in the first hour of “Skywalker,” as Abrams delivers...
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This fantasy/action film is the sequel to the globally successful original movie starring A-list actors Dwayne "The Roc" Johnson, Kevin Hart and Danny DeVito. Comedian Jack Black and Karen Gillan make up the rest of the cast. The plot of the movie is that this group of colleagues are sucked into a mystical video game...
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This is a Drama/Crime film starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen about a life long con artist named Roy Courtnay.  He has made it his goal to find an old rich widow to court and swindle in hopes of living his life wealthy somewhere on a beach.  While searching for his next victim online he...
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There are a number of reasons to like “Terminator: Dark Fate” Linda Hamilton’s scowl, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stubble, MacKenzie Davis’s athleticism ; but my favorite thing about this late addition to a weary franchise is how little it cares about timeline continuity.

The dire future of machine rule, prophesied in the first “Terminator”...

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A drama/thriller starring A-list actor Joaquin Phoenix.  The Joker is none to many movie and DC Comic fans as the arch enemy of Batman.  The writers do their best to put together a story line for new audience members to understand, realize and somewhat sympathize for who this character really is.  The character of Joker...
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Starring Sylvester Stallone, This Rambo film is a one of a many in this very successful American Movie Classic. As the film opens, Rambo is living a tranquil life on his ranch in Arizona, where he now spends his time training horses, doting upon his adopted family, Maria and her college-age granddaughter Gabrielle, sitting on...
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Fast & The Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

This action/fantasy film is a branch of the billion dollar film franchise, The Fast and The Furious.  These films are very well known and have come a very long way from the original version released, which is more focused on cars and racing.  The films have evolved to more of a fantasy, action and crime...
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This film is a thriller/horror film that takes place in the state of Florida during a category 5 hurricane.  After most of the state has been evacuated, the authorities have warned stragglers to not go back or stay behind because help will not be available if needed.  The main character is a young woman who...
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Spider-man: Far From Home

This is a fantasy sci-fi film that's one of so many made for this globally successful Marvel super hero character, Spiderman.  None of these current Spiderman films really follow any stories or situation from the previous films made.  Despite having the same actor playing this character for the past few films, every film really brings...
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This sci-fi/fantasy film is the remake of the globally successful Japanese film, Godzilla, first released in the 1950's.  This film has become a classic around the world and has already been recreated numerous times in the past.  This film is just one of a long line of successors for this film franchise.  The plot of...
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