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Hello My Name Is Doris

This is a film about an elderly woman named Doris who has a crush on a younger co-worker. After attending a seminar on self confidence and making the most of life, she decides to waste no more precious time and to go for the younger man she intensely yearns for. Comedic sexual satire makes...

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Divergent: Allegiant

A continuation of the somewhat successful Divergent movie series. After the first two movies were dedicated to the overthrow of evil powers, the current film deals with issues of different factions fighting for power once the evil leaders are already overthrown. In hope of finding a new world, a small group of people defy...

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The Brothers Grimsby

British comedy film about a brothers story finding his long lost brother, separated from him during adoption in their childhood. After getting a tip on his brother’s location he leaves in search of him. The foolish man somehow finds himself in a middle of an assassination attempt of a world renowned AIDS doctor (Penelope...

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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs Superman is one of the newest arrivals to the big screens coming from DC Comics. There will be many movies to come in the future judging how the writers actually put this film together. There’s a lot more dialogue than actual big action fighting scenes. Putting the story together about how these...

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Eye In The Sky

This is a film about morals and the difficult decisions the members of the armed forces face when confronted with situations to protect innocent people from terrorism around the world. The situation basically boils down to the British armed forces locating a very dangerous bomb maker, who is arming fellow terrorists with ammo and...

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

This film is the continuation of the first film My Big Fat Greek Wedding. With the success of the first film, a second one has now been released. The film is about a Greek family dealing with issues relatable to families of all different cultures. It has a great comedic twist which make this...

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Midnight Special

This is a science fiction film about a young boy with special powers. The boy and his father are on the run from the US government because of this boy's special abilities. The FBI goes as far as questioning everyone in the boy's life in order to find a way to get him....

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Meet The Blacks

A comedy about a family that goes from rags to riches and relocate move from the tough streets of Chicago to ritzy Beverly Hills suburbs. A parody of the movie "The Purge". The family learns that there will be a time period where killing everyone is legal, something they never expected would be...

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The Boss

This is a comedy about a woman the goes from riches to rags and loses everything. After being released from prison she goes to the only person in her life that can actually tolerate her enough to help her. The main character Michelle runs into her arch enemy early in the movie at...

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